Anxiety is usually caused by an improper level of serotonin, which can be the result of a number of factors. The kind of food you eat can greatly effect your mood, and overall emotional health., so it's important to make sure to eat food that is healthy for you to keep your emotions better under control, and enjoy some much needed relaxation. However, learning the certain foods that trigger your anxiety, may be all you need to settle your anxious feelings. Start off by avoiding these common trigger foods...

1. Avoid alcohol.

Many people rely on alcohol as a safety net for when they're feeling extra anxious, or stressed out. While it might make you happier at the moment, long term alcohol dependance can worsen the effects of anxiety over time. Additionally, alcohol related illnesses can actually lead to several anxiety, depression, and even nervous system disorders.

2. Stick to fresh tomatoes.

Since tomatoes are a healthy snack many Americans believe ketchup to be a healthy food, however many ketchup brands don't use real tomatoes, and have high amounts of high-fructose corn syrup. This and other sugary additives actually increase your craving desires which leads to weight gain, and worsening your feelings of anxiety. So next time you buy food, check to be sure it contains no high-fructose corn syrup.

3. Take a pass on the pasta.

Pasta, or any other form of refined carbs including doughnuts, candy, and white bread cause rapid fluctuation of your blood sugar. Additionally, the presence of high blood sugar has been linked to a higher risk of depression, especially in women. However, if you consume high amounts of whole grains including brown rice and quinoa can help to lower your anxiety, and risk of depression.