it's not uncommon to hear another story about how one of your favorite foods contains toxic ingredients, but a large majority of them are not proven by science. Although, there are certain foods that can harm your body if you consume them regularly, so you may want to read the ingredients a little closer, and put the product back if it contains any of these...

1. Chemicals in fish.

Even though most fish are a healthy addition to your diet, there are some that have consumed a high amount of mercury, and when you eat that fish the neurotoxin enters your body it can have harmful effects on your brain and nervous system. Bigger fish including swordfish and king mackerel have been found to contain increasingly high levels of mercury, so it is recommended that avoid them and stick to safer fish like salmon, or herring.

2. Too much sugar.

Sugar may be a little worse than just empty calories. Due to it's high amount of fructose, too much added sugar in your diet have been linked to serious conditions including obesity, and type 2 diabetes. Too much sugar has also been linked to many different types of cancers including breast, liver and colon cancer. While a small amount of sugar can give you a slightly rewarding feeling, and is usually harmless, it's important to know when to stop.

3. Try a different method for cooking your meats.

While the red meat itself contains several important nutrients, but depending on how it's cooked chemicals could be absorbed into the meat during the process. When meat is grilled and fat from the meat reaches the heat source it releases harmful PAH's that become infused with the meats. Studies have shown that these chemicals lead to genetic disorders, and increase your chances of developing colon caner.