It's no surprise that coconut oil is the newest health craze in America because it has been used has a natural remedy around the world since ancient times. Coconut water, as well as coconut oil, have incredible health benefits that will leave your entire body feeling amazing, and since you've been missing out all this time, you should try drinking it for a week straight. Here are some of the incredible things that will happen to your body if you try this...

1. Your kidneys will thank you.

Coconut water, in addition to other amazing foods such as ginger, apple cider vinegar, and cranberry juice, is a natural diuretic that will work wonders on your kidney. It will help you empty your bladder faster, and easier, and additionally it will keep your urinary tract clean and clear. Plus, it will help prevent kidney stones from forming, or break down existing ones.

2. Feel more energized.

Your thyroid gland produces a hormone that that is linked to the amount of energy you have during the day, and how efficiently our metabolism runs. The active ingredients in coconut water actually stimulate your thyroid gland in order to speed up the hormone production, and give you a metabolism boost that will give you enough energy to last all day.

3. Strengthen your immune system.

If you have bacteria in your mouth you could be at risk of cavities, gum disease, and even the common cold, or bacteria in your body that can weaken your immune system, and put you at an increased risk for STD's. Drinking coconut water will help cleanse the bacteria in your mouth, and body, while also strengthening your immune system. However, if you have an STD you should seek treatment, or have some type on consultation with a medical professional.

Want to know a little more?

Coconut water isn't the only way you can benefit from the power of coconuts, it is also available as oil, or you can buy dried coconut strips or flakes. Although coconut water comes in a wide variety of flavors, some people still can't find a taste they like, so a trick for this is blending coconut pieces, or adding coconut water to a smoothie, along with other fresh fruits and vegetables to help mask the taste.