Many people are embarrassed to admit it, but constipation effects over 50% of all Americans, and several other millions of people around the world. Laxatives can be intimidating, but luckily there are enough natural remedies that will treat this, and one of them is sure to work for you. So next time you're feeling a little clogged up try one of these natural remedies for relief...

Constantly constipated?

Most people experience constipation because of certain health issues caused by a variety of different factors. The most common factors that contribute to constipation include having weight problems, not consuming enough water to stay hydrated, suffering from sever depression or anxiety, a lack of fiber in your diet, or possible psychiatric problems.

1. Find some figs.

These fabulous fruits have a full gram of fiber in each individual fruit, which can definitely help make the process a little smoother. Simply eating them can cause contractions in your intestines that can immediately cause you the urge to use the bathroom. Additionally, the high amounts of fiber consumed over a long period of time can improve your digestive health, and general intestinal health.

2. Tasty tea.

Both ginger, and mint based teas are natural remedies that have been around for thousands of years. The presence of the ginger will give you a boost in your digestive system, and the essence of the mint, and menthol will allow your muscles to fully relax. When the hot water is added to create the tea it will give an additional speed boost to your digestive system. For best results drink twice a day, in the morning, and once again in the evening.