One of the most powerful, and beneficial spices sold in the market today is ginger. You may only know ginger as a simple addition to certain foods, but it has been used for its medicinal benefits around the world for thousands of years. Additionally, it comes in many forms including powdered, juiced, dried, or as a water, so it is sure to easily fit into your diet. Find out all the health perks you could be feeling when you start drinking ginger water...

1. Free your body of pain.

Being in any kind of pain is an unenjoyable experience, and having a glass of ginger water will only help you find relief. It is packed full of antioxidant properties, which help relieve inflammation, nausea, and improve your over all health. Although the amount of pain you are in may vary, ginger is a quick and easy medicine that has worked for thousands, and is still just as powerful today.

2. No more nausea.

A more well known use for ginger is an aid for nausea related issues. Remember being offered ginger beer as a way to settle your stomach when you were a child? In addition to relieving stomach pain it can also be used as a preventative measure in order to calm your stomach, and prevent motion, or sea sickness. Other uses include helping your body recover at a faster rate after a major, or minor surgery. However, if you are pregnant, or ill, and are in need of treatment, talk to your doctor before drinking large quantities.

3. Forget about inflammation.

The substance in ginger that makes it so incredible for relieving inflammation is Gingerol. This bioactive ingredient comes from the natural oils of the ginger root. Infusing these oils into our daily drinks will reduce any anti inflammatory problems you may have, lower your chanced of cardiovascular issues, and reduce your risk of many types of cancers. Drinking ginger water on a daily basis is the perfect way for your body to get the vitamins it needs in order to remain perfectly healthy.

4. Demolish digestive problems.

Ginger has always been an important aspect of Chinese medicine because they know the incredible range of beneficial effects it has on your health. Similarly to turmeric and cardamom, ginger helps to relieve stomach problems, digestive issues, or for something as simple as the common cold. Mix your ginger water with a little bit of lemon and honey, for a tasty drink that is sure to soothe your insides.