4. The problem with non-dairy creamer.

The average non-dairy creamers are surprisingly high in trans fats along with other partially hydrogenated oils most commonly found in super processed foods. cookies, doughnuts, and fried foods have all been linked to restricting the flow of blood to your brain, which lead to worsening of pre existing, neurological disorders such as severe depression, and anxiety. People with highly processed diets are at almost a 60% greater risk of depression than those who have a healthy, more natural diet.

5. Detach yourself from diet drinks.

Energy drinks, and diet sodas are a disaster for people suffering from anxiety. The caffeine and artificial sugar replacements reduce the ability of adequate serotonin levels to properly communicate it's way to the brain. In order to get the fizzy, carbonated feeling you desire without harming your health. switch to seltzer water with natural flavoring, and if you need to use an artificial sweetener for any reason choose stevia.

6. Cut back on the coffee.

While coffee in small doses can be healthy for you, constantly drinking highly caffeinated coffee may be the reason you are feeling on edge during the day. Too much caffeine can overly stimulate your nervous system, which can increase stress levels, and lead to countless social anxiety disorders. Additionally, excessive coffee, and other caffeinated beverages have been shown to lead to future neurological disorders.

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