Many Americans believe that they keep their fridge packed full of the essential fresh, or slightly processed foods, but some of the staples you often rely on might be better left at the grocery store. In fact, most of the foods we believe to be healthy are because of subconscious messages we've been given, misleading labeling on certain foods. Here are the worst of the worst foods to have in your house, an so you are not tempted to eat them, it would be best to throw them away as soon as possible...

1. Freezer french fries.

It's incorrect to believe that french fries made at home are healthier than ones you would get from a drive through, or a restaurant. Frozen potatoes of any kind are usually flash fried which results in extremely high contents of fat and sodium, and cause you to gain weight in a quicker manner than a variety of other foods. To make fries that are actually healthy, cut up a couple of your favorite potatoes with the skin left on, add a dash of olive oil and salt, and bake until crispy.

2. The classic dessert.

Although a single serving of ice cream may only be 150 calories, but once you pick up a carton of ice cream it is rare that you eat only one serving. Ice cream is classified as a trigger food because after you start eating it can be hard to know when to stop, which results in you eating twice as much fat and sugar as you originally planned on. Try frozen greek yogurt sweetened with fruit and honey for a healthy alternative that doesn't sacrifice flavor.

3. Sugary soda.

A regular soda has around 140 calories and several teaspoons of sugar, and the artificial sweeter in diet sodas aren't any better for you. Drinking two or more cans, or bottles of any kind of soda have been shown to have a 50% greater chance developing cardiovascular diseases including heart disease. Additionally, it slows your metabolism, and may result in it permanently weakening over time. Stick to fresh juices, teas, or water as healthier options of quenching your thirst.