There are many different factors associated with weight gain, most commonly involving your lifestyle choices. Whether it's what you eat, your stress levels, exercising habits, or just going through a rough situation. However, there are also several hormones in your body that have been linked to weight gain, and once you figure out how they effect your body, you can learn how to turn them off, and gain back control of your weight. Here's what you can do to deactivate those annoying weight gain hormones...

1. Say goodbye to grains!

Your thyroid hormone is one of the most common hormones that lead to gaining weight. The main thing that slows down the production of your thyroid hormone is your consumption of grains, so they should be completely removed from your diet. Once you do this the production of your thyroid hormone should become regular, and the symptoms of weight gain should vanish. Additionally, if you expect thyroid problems, you should consult a doctor to discover the severity.

2. Eliminate stress.

Another hormone called cortisol controls your stress levels, and stress eating. Feeling more stressed may cause you to crave unhealthy comfort foods, which over a long period of time can result in gaining sufficient weight. However, these eating habits can have destructive effects on your health, so it would be a much better idea to remove yourself from the stressful situations. Take a walk outside for a few minutes, or something else that's relaxing and enjoyable for you.

3. Decrease the dairy.

Even if they don't contain hormones, dairy products still may increase the production of a weight gaining hormone. The hormones in the cow's milk are meant to nourish and grow their baby calf, not you, or your human baby. So it would be best to avoid the hormones in milk because they can cause pre mature development in little boys, and girls. There are plenty of dairy free alternatives to milk including, coconut milk, almond milk, and hemp milk, which all provide your body with the same, or better nutritional value.