We all know how annoying and embarrassing bad breath can be, and constantly chewing gum, mints, or brushing your teeth are common ways people try to fix it, but that might not be the most effective way. Certain foods and lifestyle choices have actually been linked to causing bad breath, and changing them could eliminate your bad breath. Here a few things you could be doing to help your breath stay fresh...

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

You should have listened mom when she told you to finish your fruits and vegetables because people who don't eat enough are more likely to suffer from bad breath. Fresh produce increases the production of saliva, which could help to kill germs and bacteria in your mouth that lead to bad breath, and leave you with a cool refreshing taste.

2. Stop hiding from your dentist.

If you are someone who is afraid, or just hate the thought of going to the dentist, then it is possible you have cavities, or even possible gum disease that you don't even know about causing you bad breath. The best thing you could do is start scheduling regular dentist check ups because they are a way to keep tabs on your oral health, and help protect you from bad breath.

3. Rethink your after work drinks.

Having a nice cocktail after work may sound like a nice relaxing way to relax after a long day, but that one drink is likely to turn into 4 or 5, and may be the cause of your bad breath. Alcohol can actually restrict the production of saliva, and lead to a dry mouth, which is a well known cause of bad breath. However, if you are able to consume it in moderation there shouldn't be a problem.