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There have been countless reports of apple cider vinegar being the amazing cure all treatment for a wide variety of ailment, but most people don't think about trying it this way. Preparing a regular foot soak is even something Americans rarely, or never get around to doing for themselves. However, if you allow yourself some time to indulge in a little self pampering, here' something you should try...

Preparing this amazing foot soak.

Although it is rarely mentioned, apple cider vinegar comes in a many different varieties, and some have more health benefits than others. When shopping it is best to look for what is called a mother floating around inside the bottle, it may look like something unpleasant that should have been removed during the filtration process, but it is where all the essential nutrients are located.

Now locate a tub that is at least as deep as your lower calf, and long enough to comfortable rest your feet. Next you will fill the tub up about two thirds of the way full with warm water. Finally you add a cup of your apple cider vinegar to the water in your foot bath, and allow the two liquids to properly combine before using, to ensure quality results.

Once the mixture is completed, your foot bath you to relax, and soak your feet for a while. It is recommended to soak your feet for at least 30 minutes, but if you are relaxed and want to continue for a little longer that is also fine decision. After you are finished you can put your feet in cold water to cool them down, or you can just let them naturally cool.

Why you need to try this.

This apple cider vinegar soak has a plethora of beneficial uses that you are sure to love. It will help relieve your dry skin, remove several different types of fungal infections in your toenails, reverse the signs of age, and liver spots, additionally it can relieve minor sunburns, and relax muscles throughout your entire body. However, if a foot soak still doesn't interest you, the benefits can be achieved by consuming a beverage consisting of apple cider vinegar and water.