People may not know, or care that much about how their brain, and neurotransmitters function, but they make up a major part of your whole personality. The chemical serotonin is responsible for sending neurological signals to your brain to help regulate your mood, increase your digestion, and your sleep patterns. Learn the signs of low serotonin levels, and find out if you may have one...

1. Troubling insomnia.

The amount of serotonin in your body directly affects how well you sleep because it effects your body can produce melatonin. Additionally, your circadian rhythm, which is also important for for a proper sleeping cycle, becomes thrown off kilter, and makes it extremely difficult to get back to a natural cycle of sleeping, and being awake. Falling asleep and staying asleep through the night is another challenging result of low serotonin.

2. Digestive issues

Serotonin is responsible for sending signals between your digestive system, and your brain, and is essential for proper internal health. Doctors have even found a link relating low levels of serotonin in your body to several cases of irritable bowel syndrome. However, once you normalize your serotonin levels, your body should be back to functioning healthy, and efficiently.

3. Easily exhausted?

Your body's production of energy is reliant on serotonin, so fatigue, and constant exhaustion are some of the common side effects. Although, once you begin to rebuild the levels of serotonin back to normal, your energy levels should immediately increase, and the frequent fatigue you've been suffering from will be a thing of the past.