With all the stress we put our bodies through on a daily basis, it's a wonder that we don't get sick more often. luckily, this century old German remedy has been used to strengthen immune systems, prevent high cholesterol, fight against the cold and flu, and effectively cleanse the liver since the recipe was created. This remedy is really easy to make, and the effects it has on your body will amaze you. Here's how you can make this rejuvenating beverage for yourself...

Gather the ingredients.

In order to create this German remedy you will need four simple ingredients. To begin, gather four unpeeled organic lemons. Next you will either need a ginger root that is between three and four centimeters long, or two tablespoons of grated ginger. Additionally, you will need four large heads of garlic, and two liters of water.

Start the preparation.

Begin by thoroughly washing the lemons, and cutting them into small, individually sized slices. Secondly, peel the garlic, and throw it into a blender with the lemons and the ginger, then blend until it becomes a desirable texture. Next you will pour the contents into a saucepan, mix with water then stir continuously until it begins to boil. Finally, you will remove the mixture from heat and allow it to properly cool down, and strain the liquid into a glass jar for proper storage.

The treatment.

Drink a glass of this in the morning before you eat breakfast, and then again 2 hours before each meal you eat. This treatment goes on for two sets of three weeks at a time with a one week break between each of them, and works best if the drinks are taken on an empty stomach. Additionally, if you find the taste of the drink to be too strong or harsh, you can add some honey for some extra sweetness.

You should start feeling slight results within a few days, but at the end of the first three weeks your body should feel significantly relaxed and rejuvenated. Then by the end of the second three weeks, you should be completely pain free, and feel extremely healthy. This treatment is an incredible method to prevent the formation of kidney stones, calcification, and vascular congestion.

Featured image credit: Foods And Healthy Life