For a majority of Americans, the reason they decide to go through a cleanse is because they want to lose weight, but that is only partially true. Cleanses only help you lose weight for a little while by eliminating water weight, and clearing your body of all damaging toxins. However, a detox can still be the perfect way to give your body a fresh start, and begin a new healthy lifestyle. You just have to know the right way to do it, and here's how...

Detox the right way.

Although our bodies are constantly being attacked by harmful toxins in the clothes we wear, and even the air we breathe, they are also continuously trying to detoxify themselves. Your skin, colon, lungs, liver, and kidneys, are all naturally built to destroy any dangerous toxins found in your body. Sadly, the environment is filled with more toxins than it has ever been before, so our bodies are being overrun by toxins at a much faster rate.

Look for toxins in your home.

The first step to a successful detox is addressing your home environment, and remove anything that can possibly harm you or make you sick. While air pollution may be an unavoidable factor, there are still a few ways to make the air in your home a little cleaner. One easy way is to put a couple of plants around your house because they have the ability to clear and filter the air that enters your home.

You should start your search for removable toxins by looking through your bathroom cabinets, then under your kitchen sink. These are the most common storage places for our favorite name brand chemical cleaners that are full of harmful toxins that latch onto your body, and cause you to become ill. Some good ways to cut down on your use of toxins are replacing your dangerous household cleaners with a safe homemade solution with all natural ingredients, and replacing your toxic store bought moisturizer with some organic coconut oil.

Learn the power of food.

Secondly, in your detoxification journey, you will need to start using the power of food. If you have a diet consisting of enough of the right foods, you should be able to flush the damaging toxins out of your body with ease. These foods even have the power to speed up your metabolism, and balance the hormones in your body that can lead to weight gain. So what are the right foods to be eating? Sticking to a diet of simple juices, soups, and herbs, and once you find the right recipes, detoxing should be a breeze.