4. Stay away from trans fats.

The least beneficial, and the most unhealthy type of fat you can eat is trans fat. Since this is not a naturally occurring fat, your body doesn't know how to properly process it, which result in a number of serious health issues. Many doctors believe that it is the root of insulin resistance, and dangerous heart diseases.

5. Keep your distance from BPA.

Several packaged foods are lined with BPA, a chemical that has been linked to serious health problems. If you've eaten any canned foods or drank from any plastic bottle, it is likely that you have consumed BPA. Common effects of consumption include infertility, and insulin resistance. So look for food packaged in BPA free containers to avoid the risk.

6. Replace the refined oils.

Vegetable oils that have been highly refined have no essential nutrients, so there is no benefit of consuming them. While there is a lot of omega-6 linoleic in the oils, you actually do not need that much in your diet. It is actually more important for you to be incorporating more omega-3 fatty acids into your diet. Eating too many products with refined oil actually lead to a 90% increase in the risk for breast cancer.

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