If you struggle with chronic pain anywhere in your body stretching could be the perfect way to find relief. We've found a group of stretches that are easy for beginners, and are almost guaranteed to provide immediate relief. All you need is a little space to move around, so they are perfect for your living room, bedroom, and even your office. Here are some incredible stretches that will leave your body feeling relaxed, and pain free...

1. Strengthen your knees.

These are 3 simple exercises that should be done 2 or 3 times every day to help keep your knees healthy and strong. First, you will need a block, stool, or some other elevated platform, and have one foot placed on your block, and step up with your other foot and back down. Then after a set, switch legs. Next, you would do a set of lunges for each leg, and after that you would do a set of wall sits. Doing these every day could help prevent future pain, along with keeping your knees health as they age.

2. Save your neck.

If you have an office job, or work at a desktop all day, then these neck stretches could be a savior for you. The first stretch starts by leaning your head to the left, then to the right, and bend your head forward, being sure to keep your neck straight. Secondly, put your arms behind your back, and grab your right hand while leaning your head to the left, then do the same stretch with the opposite side. Finally, you will sit in a chair, arch your back forward, and tilt your head back. These stretches are great for office workers, or anyone in general suffering from neck pain. Additionally, this can improve your posture, and eliminate back pain.