When you're trying to lose weight many of us begin by looking at our stomach in search for results, and many fad diets and exercises claim that they will "melt the fat off your body", or some similar misleading slogan because they know that a large majority of the population are self conscious about their stomach size.

However, what most people believe to be stomach fat is actually just bloating caused by a build up of gas in your stomach.

Fortunately we've found a test that can tell you if you're bloated or fat, and what you need to do to obliterate it.

1. Do you have a gluten intolerance?

It may not be uncommon to feel bloated after eating bread, and other common wheat based foods, people with a gluten intolerance experience a more severe reaction.

Because they have such a difficult time digesting gluten, they experience gas build up that causes extreme bloating in addition to extraordinary discomfort.

Try avoiding wheat based foods like pasta, cereal, and bread for a couple of days and see if it has any impact on your stomach size.

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