Hiring a professional personal trainer to work you out 7 days a week in order to loose weight in unnecessary, but it may take a little more than watching television on your couch all day. Although a healthy diet is important, there are some much easier ways to get rid of that unwanted belly fat. Here are some solutions that are sure to fit into your bust schedule...

1. Don't eat too fast.

People who eat too fast often end up over eating because they don't give their brain enough time to process the amount of food being ingested. When you take breaths and slowly chew your food id decreases the chance of your blood sugar spiking. It can also help regulate your appetite, causing you to crave less food throughout the day.

2. It's okay to cheat sometimes.

Is it too hard for you to stick to your strict diet? If you allow a specific day each week for you to cheat on your diet, and eat all the unhealthy food you've been craving, you are more likely to stay with your diet long term. Additionally, people who have a cheat day in their diet reported loosing the same amount of weight as people who never cheat.

3. Never leave home without your almonds.

You've been working hard all day and you need some quick nourishment to ease your hunger pains. Almonds are the perfect snack food for any occasion. These have essential vitamins and nutrients that can improve heart health. So forget the chips and cookies, reach for your almonds, and watch your belly shrink.