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How To Kill Off A Sinus Infection In Seconds With Just Household Items

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If you're anything like me, sinus infections are just part of life. I get them year round but especially in the winter. Mold is a problem in the Pacific Northwest, and sometimes if I catch a cold, it's just a double whammy. Over time, I've learned that antibiotics, while sometimes necessary, aren't always needed to handle a sinus infection.

Of course, if your sinus infection doesn't ease up in a few days, you'll want to visit a doctor.

Sinusitis, as its sometimes called, is an inflammation in the lining of the sinuses caused by a bacterial infection. Symptoms usually include fever, halitosis, fatigue, congestion, stuffy nose, and headaches.

There are different types of sinusitis too. Acute sinusitis causes cold-like symptoms but doesn't go away. The stuffy nose and headaches can persist after 2 weeks.

Subacute sinusitis is even worse, with the inflammation lasting up to two months. Chronic sinusitis is a sinus infection that lasts 8 weeks or longer, and recurrent, which is what I have, is sinusitis that comes back a few times a year.

I don't knock western medicine on this blog. I think it's important to know when to go to the doctor. But when I sense a sinus infection inbound, I make this little concoction out of stuff that I normally have stocked in my house anyway. It's simple and for me, it's been effective. Sometimes I still need an antibiotic but I always try this first.

Here's how to do it.

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