2. How stressed are you?

You probably already know that being bloated can cause you to be stressed out, however, did you know that stress could actually be the cause for your bloating.

When your body is stressed and full of hormones internal changes can occur, most commonly related to the digestive system.

Your body puts reducing stress as a priority in your body, and begins to neglect processes that deal with your digestive system.

Starting a regular yoga or meditation routine is a perfect solution that will relieve your bloating, and get your digestive system back into good working condition, and feeling better than ever.

3. Are you eating too much salt?

If gas and air aren't the cause behind your bloating, water might be to blame, and when you have an excessive build up of water in your stomach, it could be due to a diet with an unhealthy amount of salt and sodium.

Too much sodium being consumed on a regular basis can lead to water retention, and the high amount of fluids in your stomach could leave you feeling extremely bloated and uncomfortable.

Simply reduce the amount of salty foods you eat, or try a different seasoning to reduce the salt you eat at home.

4. You don't need to eat so fast.

Scarfing down your meals quickly as possible is almost a certain way to cause bloating. Eating too fast often leads to over eating, possible weight gain, and even bloating.

Slow down a little bit and enjoy the flavors of each meal you eat.

This will allow your body proper time to send signals to your brain, letting it know you're full, and additionally ensuring that all the food in your stomach is properly digested, which works perfectly for eliminating bloating.

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