In America we often view eating some chocolate as an occasional treat, or a commonly desired luxury, especially for people on a diet. However, for the children ages 6 and older, in Africa and Asia, who are forced make those chocolate bars without the guarantee of pay, see education as a commonly desired luxury.

Hundreds of thousands of these children are forced to work in unsafe working conditions for long hours, and all they want to do it go to school. Since the chocolate industry is worth over $100 billion a year, this issue needs to be discussed more...

Raising awareness.

There have been three separate groups who tried to raise awareness in the last year by filing lawsuits against Nestle, Mars, and Hershey because they had clear links to child labor.

The groups made claims to the courts of California attempting to sue the companies for failing to clearly state their products are made using child labor on the wrapper, or packaging.

Even though these claims were made on behalf of the California residents, the lawsuits were just a small part o a much larger protest regarding the use of child labor by multinational businesses.