We've all experienced under eye circles that are a struggle to cover up, but these under eye discolorations might be more than just an aesthetic issue.

While they are usually from minor issues like a lack of sleep or natural aging, but if they stick around for a prolonged period of time they can be a warning sign of possible underlying health problems that could be more serious than you think.

Find out if the dark circles under your eyes are something you should be concerned about...

1. Possible hyperpigmentation.

When the oxidized blood in your body begins to leak from the blood vessels around your eyes you are experiencing a condition known as hyperpigmentation.

It should be pretty obvious if you have this condition because the discoloration under your eye will be accompanied by a noticeable amount of swelling.

This could have been caused by a variety of reasons including, hormones, regular swelling, prolonged sun exposure, and normal aging. Whatever the cause is, you shouldn't be worried because the condition is practically harmless, and can be easily treated by a few simple changes with your diet and lifestyle choices.