The mesomorph.

As a mesomorph you are able to lose and gain weight with ease, and have no trouble building muscle mass. Your long torso, and short limbs give you the ideal body type for endurance training, along with speed, and strength based sports. The reason behind your natural ability for these activities lies in your genetic makeup. Mesomorphs have muscles that contain a higher percentage of fast twitch fibers than any other body type, and are able to gain muscle at a much faster rate.

In order to maximize your body composition, you should follow a diet of good quality fats, and moderate carbohydrate. Another suggestion would be to limit your intake of protein along with your branched-chain amino acids. Additionally, during your recovery day, try having a warm cup of green tea or coffee in place of your pre workout snack. However, you should still eat your normal pre dinner, and nightly snacks.

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