When a relationship ends, especially if it ends messy, there are a lot of deep feelings that can surface and stick around. Feelings like abandonment, fear, heartbreak, and anger. Losing your partner can completely derail everything about you and your personality, and that's not necessarily unhealthy, but there are some things you have to do after a breakup to get back on your feet.

1. Move on from denial.

After a breakup, you might find yourself sitting and hoping that he gives you a call, or that she'll send you a message on Facebook and ask you how you're doing. Your heart may reject the truth, and that's okay at first, but you also have to pick yourself up and move on. Accept there is no hope and move on.

2. Don't stay mad.

Once you've made it past denial, you may feel anger. Anger isn't unhealthy necessarily, but if it persists, it will eventually become that. Let it out. Vent to a friend. But don't ever turn on your old partner and express your anger at them. Don't suppress your feelings, but don't lash out either.

3. Don't beg.

It's a pretty common impulse to want to go back to your ex and try to get back together. Once your anger has subsided, you may start thinking about the good times again. But consider why you broke up in the first place. Happy relationships don't suddenly end for no reason. Don't beg them to take you back. Take a deep breath, keep your chin up, and move on.