Most everyone has some hair that they with they could get rid of, especially pubic hair. There are countless treatments and procedures including laser hair removal and chemical peels that you can have done to get it removed, but they cost a ridiculous amount of money and they could cause you possible harm. Here are some easy at home methods that could save you a trip to the spa...

1. Tweezers are for more than just your face.

Tweezers are a great and precise way to remove any or all of your unwanted pubic hairs. This method is a little bit more time consuming, but it leaves you private area smoother than shaving, and the hairs will also grow back much slower and thinner.

2. Not too hot wax.

If you don't enjoy the feeling of hot wax on your skin, individual pre packaged waxing strips could be exactly what you need. These strips work just as well as a standard hot wax you would get at a spa, but at a fraction of the price. And having them at home means there ready for you whenever you need them.

3. It's like shaving but cooler.

Another fast and easy way to remove hair is with a handheld electronic device called the cool shaver. This battery operated device can effortless way to eliminate all unwanted hair in seconds. Using several little tweezers inside it is a precise and pain free method to efficiently and safely remove your private hairs.

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