Everyone knows water is incredibly healthy, but many of us still don't get enough because it's not exciting enough to want to drink constantly. Artificially flavored waters may seem like a good idea, but they add no nutritional value, and have sugar, or some kind of sugar substitutes, which may actually have negative effects on your body. However, flavoring water yourself could be a healthy and great tasting way to get your daily dose of water without even realizing you have. Here a couple combinations that will help get you started...

1. Fresh mixed with floral.

To prepare this mixture you will need to cut a cucumber into thin slices accompanied by a teaspoon of dried, restaurant quality, lavender, or two fresh sprouts of lavender, and two quarts of fresh spring water. Put all the ingredients together in a mason jar, or similar container, and refrigerate the mixture until it becomes chilled. Additionally, if you used dried lavender, strain the beverage before drinking.

Cucumbers are an awesome summertime fruit for your overall health. Cucumbers are full of water, helping you stay hydrated and cool. Cucumbers also flush out toxins, are loaded with vitamins A, B, and C. It also powers up your metabolism and helps you drop the pounds fast.