Although it might not seem like it, Epsom has several health benefits, and other uses that you would never guess. It's the perfect treatment for dry skin, bruises, chapped lips, and even headaches. Additionally Epsom salts contain a high amount of magnesium, which becomes absorbed into your body through your skin. When used properly, these salts can be a very effective method for a variety of treatments. Learn the proper uses for Epsom salt, and the benefits you will feel...

1. Need more sleep?

Whether your sleeping problems are linked to insomnia, or certain lifestyle choices, an Epsom salt bath could be exactly what you need to fall asleep easier, and increase the quality of your sleep. Take a nice, long soak in a warm salt bath about a half hour before you want to go to bed to get your muscles relaxed, and your body ready for a proper nights sleep. This will ensure that you sleep more fully through the night, and become able to reach a deeper, more peaceful state of sleep much faster.

2. Splinter savior.

Anyone who's gotten a splinter before knows how painful it can be, and how challenging it can be to remove. We use all these different techniques and tools to try to get them out, which usually leave the splinter lodged deeper in your skin. However, if you apply Epsom salt over the area of skin above the splinter it will begin to rise closer to the surface of your skin making it much easier to remove.