4. Drink more tea.

A simple cup of warm green tea is enough to warm your body and give your metabolism a boost at the same time. According to Chinese studies, green tea has been shown to increase your body's fat burning process, give you more energy, and help you loose weight. Green tea also contains important antioxidants, so drinking at least 2 cups a day can help you quickly burn off unwanted fat, and increase your metabolism.

5. Simple but important.

This often forgotten drink improves your digestion, and metabolism like nothing else can. Drinking water helps prevent overheating, dehydration, and can even help keep you full. You should drink at least 60 ounces of water per day, and drink closer to 85 ounces if you exercise regularly.

6. Put some variety in your life.

It's okay to like something, but you shouldn't eat the exact same thing for meals every day. Change up what you have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday because repetitively eating the exact same thing can cause your metabolic rate to slow. Challenge yourself, and see if you can go a day without eating the same food twice, or going a week without eating the same meal twice. Any combination is good as long as you keep your metabolism guessing.

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