Constant thirst

Salt is one of the reasons why your mouth is dry. After loading up on foods that are high in sodium, your body will start to sense that your salt and water levels are off kilter. According to Movassaghi, in order to get things back to normal, you need to take in more water. Your brains send out thirst signals as drinking more water will have things returned back to normal.

Brain fog

If you eat too much salt, you may end up dehydrated. Dehydration may affect your ability to think clearly . As it is found in Journal of Nutrition study, when women were mildly dehydrated, they performed worse on cognitive tests measuring concentration, memory, reasoning, and reaction time, compared with when they were adequately hydrated.

How to fix excess salt issues:

No matter what salty symptoms you are dealing with, one of the best ways to slash your sodium is to cut back on processed foods and drink more water. This will allow your body to catch up and get back into balance.When your sodium is back to normal, you should try to keep your salt intake under control. The US dietary guidelines recommend eating less than 2,300 mg per day.

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