There are so many types of toxins in the air, in our foods, and trying to read every single ingredient on all the food you buy is too much trouble. Whether it's lead in your water, pollution in the air, or mercury in your fish, we are constantly surrounded by, and absorbing toxins. However, there are some foods that can increase your bodies natural defense system. Here's what you should eat to protect yourself from toxins...

1. Powerful probiotics.

Eating foods that are high in probiotics, including pickles, kimchi, and miso, is a great way to help strengthen your resistance to toxins. Research has been done showing that certain kinds of probiotics help cleanse your body of existing toxins, and stop your body from absorbing them as easily.

2. Fresh tea leaves.

Green tea has been clinically proven ward off allergens, pet hair, and even various kinds of toxic chemicals. This tea is very high in essential antioxidants that help block histamines, and many other harmful compounds from entering your body. Additionally, the compounds found in green tea help trigger your body's reaction to protect itself when being exposed to something potentially harmful.

3. Savory little seeds.

Sunflower seeds are particularly high in vitamin E, which works incredibly for improving the function of your lungs. These seeds can also help to reverse the damage done to your body by a form of pollution known as particulate matter. Since vitamin E is essential to a healthy diet, you should regularly try to incorporate sunflower seeds with your lunch or with an evening snack.