These 5 Phones Contain The Most Radiation. Is Your Phone Safe?

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One of the most frightening technology risks today is whether our smart phones emit enough radiation to be harmful to us.

What makes this risk so frightening is that nobody has the foggiest idea whether or not they are truly harmful.

Many people, myself included, no longer have land lines and depend solely on cell phones. Most of us adults didn't start to use cell phones until we were well into adulthood.

So, the largest risk, of course, is for children who use smart phones as they will be using them for the longest period of time.

Most pre-teens these days have a smart phone...whether to text or call friends, just play games on, or use for emergency purposes. I know some kids as young as 6 who have one!

As much as we all use cell phones, we should be more concerned about the possible health risks to ourselves and our children.

The only way to measure the effect of smart phone risk is in a laboratory.

There are currently studies being conducted that take into consideration the amount of time a person is talking on their smart phone, the length of the call, the age of the person, and how long the person has been using cell phones.

The problem is, studies take time and the results may not be known for years and years.

The good news is that there are some precautions you can take now. Limit the amount of phone calls and the length of the calls. Closely monitor how often your child is using his/her phone and limit their use as much as you can.

And, watch the video below to discover which cell phones emit the most radiation and avoid using them. Until we know for sure, we're definitely better off safe than sorry.

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