These days it's practically impossible to get away from people using cell phones. They're on the bus, train, in restaurants and coffee shops, and, yes...even in the bathroom!

One of the biggest pet peeves that I've recently developed is going into a public restroom and hearing someone talking on their cell phone. I guess some people don't mind having someone they know hear them poop or pee, but I like my privacy in those moments, thank you very much!

Well, as it turns out, not only is it annoying to some people (me!), but taking your cell phone into the bathroom with you can be a dangerous habit.

Director of Biomedical Science at Queen Mary's University in London, Dr. Ron Cutler, strongly advocates that people leave their cell phones elsewhere when using the bathroom. Here's why:

No matter how often bathrooms are cleaned, they are dirty places! The germs E. coli, C.diff and Salmonella can be found in every bathroom and can hide in places that you might not think to clean regularly, like the toilet paper holder.

And, if after wiping, you pick up your phone before you wash your hands, don't bother washing! The germs you get on your hands from wiping will transfer to your phone where they can stay for hours!

Cell phones are perfect breeding grounds for germs since they heat up when being used. And, if you eat sweets and then get that stickiness on your phone, you have created an even better home for germs.

Of course, the level of germ contamination depends on where the bathroom is located. If it's your home or office bathroom, it won't be as contaminated as a grocery store, restaurant or other frequently used public restroom.

Cell phones aren't the only things that can be contaminated by being in the bathroom. I've already mentioned that toilet paper holders are easily contaminated due to their proximity to the toilet and by people touching them after wiping.

But, toothbrush holders, lotion bottles and other items left on the sink vanity can also get contaminated. So, avoid leaving your toothbrush out on the vanity. Put it away in your medicine cabinet or linen closet. And, clean the other items on your vanity on a regular basis.

And, please people...PLEASE stop taking your cell phones into the bathroom with you! Leave them in your purse, in your car or with a friend while you use the facilities.