Bay leaves are a common staple on most people's herb and spice racks. It isn't readily associated with anything past the kitchen. This is a shame, as leaves from the bay laurel have numerous  benefits and properties beyond its ability to enrich the palate. As it is rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, it is added to many health tonics and elixirs.

Beyond pedestrian methods of consumption like eating or drinking bay leaves, the plants can be burned and inhaled for a surprising effect. The leaves's oils have pinene, cineol, and elemicin compounds. Burning this combination of chemicals causes a stimulating, yet calm slightly psychedelic effect.

You will want to take a dry bay leaf (or a few) and light it the same way you would incense. Let it burn out and fill the air with the smoke. Hang out in the room and breath in the smoke. There are more than one active ingredient in this herb. Each oil combines its effects for a unique experience.

In every account, the consumer was relaxed, and alert. The calming effects go so far to relieve arthritis and improve circulation. The combined effect of the oils culminates into a sedative. So it won't treat any conditions but can provide momentary relief.

The effects will vary greatly. It all comes down to how well the plant was grown, and dried. If you have respiratory issues or don't want to be in a smoky room you can achieve the same effect by brewing a tea with copious amount of the herb.