A recent scientific study has been done, and the results may cause concern to Americans, and countless other people around the world. Drinking a steaming cup of coffee, or tea may not be as soothing for your throat as you think, it has been linked to increased risk of esophageal cancer. Here are some of reasons you may wanter consider making your pot of coffee a few degrees cooler...

How hot is too hot?

Any drink that is 150 degrees Fahrenheit and higher should be left to cool down for a few minutes to in order to reach a safe temperature of 149 degrees Fahrenheit, or preferably closer to 140 degrees. A standard coffee machine brews coffee at temperatures close to 200 degrees, and it has little time to cool by the time it reaches your mug, so it's best not to drink instantly. Same goes for tea, water boils at 212 degrees, so it will also need optimal cool down time.

It has nothing to do with the coffee, or tea.

We're not saying that drinking coffee, and tea are unhealthy for you, you just need to make sure they're not too hot. The same warning would apply to any warm beverage including hot cocoa, hot apple cider, warm milk, or even soup broth that is too hot. Drinking a few cups of tea, or coffee have actually been known to have pretty incredible health benefits.

Drinking coffee can protect you from liver disease, and lower your risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and even certain kinds of cancers. Additionally, nutritionist's study on tea showed that regular consumption green tea could help start the weight loss process. decrease high blood pressure, improve focus, and increase brain function.

Should you be worried?

It should be stated that your original risk of esophageal cancer is below 1%, so if you love your steaming hot beverages, you don't need to be worried, unless you are consuming several of them on a daily basis. Just be extra careful when drinking extra hot liquids, and try to let them cool down at least a little bit before consuming.