There is no arguing that Coca Cola is one of the most popular drinks on the planet. In fact, it's estimated that more than 1.8 BILLION Cokes are consumed world-wide every single day! That's a LOT of Coca Cola! In America alone, 1 in every 5 people drink a Coke every day. That's, on average, a total of 44.7 gallons per year...more than any other beverage, including water.

While most people know that any soda is not the healthiest choice of drink, most people don't realize just how unhealthy they are. Non-diet Coca Cola contains 39 grams of sugar per can.

That's almost 10 teaspoons in one can! Coke also contains 5 milligrams of caffeine. Diet coke contains aspartame, which has been shown to trigger some serious diseases, including cancer.

Coke can also slow down the body's metabolism. So, in addition to the high sugar content contributing to weight gain, a slower metabolism can increase the risk for obesity, which can also lead to many other health risks.

Coke is also very high in acid, having a pH of 3.2 - an acid content high enough to dissolve tooth enamel and bones! Some research has also suggested that consumption of Coke can lead to reproductive problems due to the additives and chemicals it contains.

So, while there may be many uses for Coke , drinking it should be avoided. Instead, drink water! Other healthier choices include green tea, juices made from beets and/or kale, orange juice (no sugar added), pomegranate juice (no sugar added), and low-fat milk.

The Egg Experiment

You may have heard of this experiment before. It consisted of a hard boiled egg and can of Coke. Researches placed an unpeeled, boiled egg in a glass of Coke.

The Coke dissolved the egg shell in less than one year! As you may know, egg shells contain phosphorus, calcium and sodium, which are similar to the minerals in our bones and teeth. The citric acid and phosphoric acid in Coke are the main ingredients that caused the egg shell to dissolve.

The following video shows this experiment. I advise you watch it before you drink another can of Coca Cola!