When Martin Pistorius from South Africa complained of a sore throat to his mother one day, neither of them had no idea that simple condition would turn into a 12 year medical crisis.

Both his mental and physical condition went downhill fast until it came to the point where he could neither walk nor talk. Medical professionals thought the cause of it all much be cryptococcal meningitis, but they were unable to precisely pinpoint his diagnosis. He eventually slipped into a coma.

After two years, Martin woke up enough to be able to know everything going on around him, but nobody else knew because he remained unable to speak or move. He remained this way - trapped inside his frozen body for 12 years!

It's only natural for people to begin to lose hope for improvement after 12 years, and Martin's mother was no exception. After all, he had been in this condition for 12 years - half of his life! So, his mother began to wonder if they were delaying the inevitable while increasing Martin's suffering.

One day Martin overheard his mother say that she wished he was dead - that he would be better off. This was, of course, heartbreaking for Martin to hear his mother say this.

But, at the same time, he understood that it was breaking her heart to see her son this way and just wanted what was best for him. Miraculously, after 12 long years, Martin recovered!

In the video below of an NBC interview with Martin, he describes what it was like for him and his family to go through this heartbreaking, terrifying journey. He also talks about hearing his mother say she wished he was dead, and what it was like for him to hear this statement.

To learn more about Martin Pistorius visit his website: www.martinpistorius.com

Video and Image Source: Youtube