Benzalkonium chloride

Hives, itching, difficulty breathing, swelling in your face, lips, tongue, or mouth, and tightness in your chest are only the beginning of the side effects you could experience from Benzalkonium chloride.


In addition to increasing your blood pressure along with your risk of heart disease, Chlorhexidine, kills the good bacteria inside of your mouth, which makes it even less helpful as a mouthwash.

Making your own mouth wash is easy

If you think making the change from store bought mouthwash to homemade mouth wash is going to be a challenge, you couldn't be more wrong.

We've found two different recipes that need only a few simple ingredients, and that are sure to leave your breath minty fresh without the health risks posed by name brand mouthwashes.

Parsley and mint mouthwash

The parsley and mint work together in your mouth to kill all of the harmful bacteria while making sure the healthy bacteria stays unharmed, and the vodka will keep the mixture fresher for a longer time.

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