I lived in Colorado for years and years and never got bitten by a mosquito once. It was dry, high, and we didn't have to deal with them. Since moving to the Pacific Northwest, that has changed big time. I'm getting eaten alive out here! Fortunately I stumbled upon the world's best, and eco-friendly, mosquito repellent:

Coffee grounds.

That's right, old dried up coffee grounds work as an effective repellent for mosquitoes, according to the EPA. Mosquitoes and other insects hate the way used coffee grounds smell. So what do you do to keep them away?

  1. Collect your old coffee grounds and put them on a plate covered with foil. Place in a dry, dark spot until completely dry.
  2. Once dry, place the plate of grounds on a flat surface, like a picnic table, out in the open. Make sure your kids and pets can't get to it.
  3. Now burn the grounds with a match until they start to smoke.
  4. The smoke will repel mosquitoes!

Pretty simple, effective tip, isn't it? You can also use grounds to keep bugs away. Simply sprinkle coffee grounds around the outside of your house to keep bugs from coming inside.