Milk should be avoided when you have congestion of any kind. Maybe you have heard that you should not drink milk when you are sick because it makes you produce more mucus or phlegm.

According to Dr. Arthur, there is no clear evidence that reducing milk will reduce mucus. But, many people find that dairy makes their phlegm thicker and more unpleasant. In case it bothers you, you should go ahead and cut it out until you are feeling better.

Spicy food

You've probably heard that spicy foods help clear your sinuses. Well, hold on! Capsaicin is a compound in chili peppers and hot sauce that can irritate your nasal passages and make your nose run.

But, on the other hand, when you are stuffed up, it might break up your mucus so you are temporarily less congested.


Skip alcohol when you have any illness of any kind, especially a stomach bug. Alcohol, like so many other items, is a diuretic that can worsen illness-related dehydration, Dr. Arthur says.

Dr. Arthur says that alcohol can be the reason for watery stool or diarrhea.

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