Hygiene is something so many people neglect, and it's something I can't wrap my head around. They hop in the shower for a few minutes, slather themselves with some body wash, and call it good. Good enough, right?

Wrong. Dirt, bacteria, and grime don't go away with just a little bit of soap. You have to be diligent about it. These are the 9 dirtiest parts of the body that most people ignore.

1. Your armpits.

Everyone knows that an armpit can be a stinky place, but most people toss on some deodorant and call it good. Well, that's not quite enough. The underarm can actually gather up to 80,000 individual bacteria, and no amount of body spray is going to get rid of that. You need to use a warm cloth and soap to wash it out. I prefer castile soap, personally. The bacteria will begin to grow back quickly though, so repeat often.

2. Your ears.

But isn't it bad to clean your ears? Yes! The inside of your ears. But the outside portion of the ear, along with all of its folds, are often extremely dirty. If that grime makes its way into the ear canal, it can cause infections, fungal growth, and irritation. Use a q-tip and a dab of castile soap to clean the exterior of the ear. Let the ear canal itself regulate its own cleanliness.

3. Your nose.

The inside of your nose is a well regulated place. Your body does a great job of making sure irritants, bacteria, and viruses are shown the door. It's what's outside the door that's your jurisdiction. The nose itself has folds that can trap dirt and bacteria, causing acne and infection. Clean thoroughly the nose twice a day.

4. Your posterior.

Wait, you mean your anus is dirty? Who would have thought?! Most people simply wipe and then shower once a day and think that's enough, but bacteria from fecal matter can grow pretty easily. Using a washable cloth after using the restroom is a good idea for keeping it extra clean. And that's a good place to keep clean, trust me. The people around you will thank you.

5. Your belly button.

This is one that I always used to ignore, but your belly button absolutely can harbor some intense bacteria. It's pretty much the perfect breeding ground, and when you shower, moisture can get in there making the problem even worse. The navel can actually be a big source of body odor that most people miss. Clean thoroughly!

6. Your head.

This was surprising to me too. Your face and head can be one of the dirtiest parts of your body. Facial and scalp hair are like nets for catching dirt, bacteria, and grime. Some people get away with using only water, and that's fine. Your scalp will naturally regulate your hair and skin after a while. Otherwise, a nice, natural shampoo is necessary.

7. Your fingernails.

Last, but hardly least, your fingernails are one of the dirtiest spots on your bodies. It is so easy for dirt and bacteria to get lodged under your nails, and these bacteria do cause health problems over time. It's important to clean under your nails and to keep your nails neatly trimmed at all times.