Guava leaves can be used internally or externally, and have extraordinary benefits on your health and appearance. They are incredibly high in potassium, fiber, and vitamins that help regulate your body's internal systems. There are many different ways this plant can be used to heal you, and various reasons you should you should begin using guava leaves. Here are they ways you can start using them, and the ways they will improve your health...

1. Fix your cholesterol.

Drinking a guava leaf tea regularly can greatly help your cholesterol. It will increase the HDL levels of your cholesterol, and decrease the levels of LDL cholesterol. This could additionally result in an increase of metabolism, which could help you start the process of loosing weight.

2. Heal your gums.

If you have painful inflammation in your gums, or constant toothaches, but can never find relief, guava leaves could be exactly what you need. Chewing on the leaves provides a cool, or soothing feeling that relieves inflammation, and eases the pain of toothaches. Additionally, it has been proven to remove painful oral sores.

3. Struggle with acne?

This plant has been used around the world as a natural method for clearing you face of blackheads and breakouts. This technique is as simple as replacing your face scrub with crushed guava leaves. Add a small amount of water, and gently use the leaves exfoliate your face once in the morning, and once in the evening for best results.