6 Brands That Use Almost Exclusively GMO Ingredients

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1. Nestle.

Nestle produces a variety of popular products that range from baby foods to candy bars to bottled water. Most dangerous is the baby food, however. They use soy to replace breast milk in their formula and it's basically 100% GMO soy beans. Good to know, right?

2. Hershey's

Hershey's relies on almost exclusively GMO ingredients, but they've also committed the sin of spending MILLIONS of dollars fighting GMO-labeling ballot initiatives. Not only do they use GMO ingredients, but they desperately want you to be in the dark about it.

3. Pepsi

Here's something worth knowing: Pepsi owns Naked juice, and Naked is made from GMO produce, even though they label their juice as "all natural." Of course, Pepsi has been smacked with a false advertising lawsuit.

4. General Mills

The company states:  “We do not use genetically modified ingredients in our flakes. Our main ingredients are always whole grain oats – never GMO oats. We use a small amount of cornstarch in the cooking process, and only a gram of sugar per serving. Our cornstarch is obtained from non-GMO corn, and we use pure cane sugar,” However, a large quantity of their ingredients do come from GMO crops and even the CEO has said he has no problem using biotech crops.

5. Kellogg's

One of their biggest infractions is Kashi brand, which is made of 100% GMO corn, even though they brand it as "all natural." Their marketing is fooling you. It's all a scam, and that scam recently cost them $5 million in court. Ouch.

6. Coca-Cola

And we reach the center of the shrubbery maze. Nearly every product Coca-Cola sells contains not just high fructose corn syrup (that is made from GMO corn), but even their "Simply Orange Juice" brand juice contains GMO oranges. Like regular oranges aren't good enough.

Of course, always do your research, read your labels, and make the healthiest decision for your family.

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