If you find yourself having heartburn on nearly every occasion you decide eat something that may seem a bit too potent for the stomach, fret not. There are some simple and easy ways to relieving as well as preventing unwanted heartburn. Most of these methods are very practical and may require a little bit of a routine before getting the hang of these methods.

Take Supplements

Supplements can be a very good source to simmer down your heartburn. HCI, vitamin B12, and Pepsin are all really wonderful supplements to help boost the overall health of your body. Betaine has even been shown to help your stomachs ability to naturally digest food.

Take Probiotics

Foods such as tempeh, miso, or kombucha are excellent choices to help your gut re-establish the good bacteria in your stomach as well as helping with natural digestion. Kombucha is a wonderful drink for any stomach problems at all, really.

Use Ginger

Ginger has been recognized over the globe as a natural stomach pain reliever by balancing your digestive system's pH, which ultimately means that there will be less acidity in your stomach to cause any heartburn.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is also one of the best natural home remedies you could find in your cabinets for a quick and easy relief. Just by mixing a small amount of water into the baking soda, the acidity will help balance the pH levels within your stomach.

Better Diet

Avoid foods such as added fats (butter/oil), carbonated beverages, alcoholic beverages, processed tomatoes, coffee, soda, tea, and anything else that is caffeinated.

These will be critical in your path to healing your digestive system and avoiding heartburn all together.