These 5 Foods Detox Your Body When You Quit Smoking

These 5 Foods Detox Your Body When You Quit Smoking

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Smoking is a very difficult process for an individual to do. You take away the vice that they have allowed their body’s to become so addicted to a toxic source such as nicotine can lead someone into a spiral of stress and unwanted feelings. Detoxifying your body can be hard when it comes to the process of quitting cigarettes after a long time of smoking them, however, you do not have to go through this process alone.

This article is aimed to helping to supply you with the knowledge of these eight detoxifying healthy foods that can help your body get rid of the nicotine in a natural and tasty way.

1. Try Carrot Juice And Carrots

Carrots are a delicious and wonderful vegetable that you cannot go wrong with. Carrots have been known to help reduce signs of again, high in vitamin contents C, K , A, and B. They also help assisting in detoxifying as well as boosting the immune system.

2. Try Green Tea

Green tea has been known to contain antioxidants as well as a great alternative for those who crave coffee in the morning. Green tea provides a variety of other healthy benefits to your body.

3. Try Kiwi And Lemon

Kiwi and lemon are wonderful sources of vitamins such as C, A, and E. They are perfect for repairing any damage that may be within the body and a great starter food for those just beginning to quit their addiction.

4. Try Spinach And Broccoli

Eating spinach and broccoli are a perfect combination when it comes to quitting smoking. They are able to help detox the body of nicotine, support the immune system, and contains vitamins B5 and C. Make a salad of these two as often as you can.

5. Try Orange Juice

You may be thinking that orange juice is way too simple to help. However, orange juice is perfect to help the immune system regrow, contains vitamin C and is served best fresh from the fruit itself.

Hopefully this article has put you in the right direction of clearing your body of all the harmful toxins that nicotine has caused you.

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