10 Tips For Flushing Nicotine Out Of Your Body Naturally

10 Tips For Flushing Nicotine Out Of Your Body Naturally

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When you smoke a cigarette, it takes 6-8 hours for that nicotine to work its way out of your system. Your body takes care of filtering it out. Sometimes a bit of nicotine gets left behind in your system for up to 20-30 days, making it necessary to help your body filter it all out. Here are our 10 tips for flushing nicotine from your body.

  1. Drink plenty of water! Being hydrated helps your body flush out all toxins, nicotine included.
  2. Eat lots of vegetables. This is just general good health. Vegetables like eggplants, beans, cucumbers and celery to increase the flushing.
  3. Eat nettle. It’s high in iron and good for your immune system.
  4. Adding kiwi to your diet infuses you with vitamins A, C, and E, which are reduced when you smoke.
  5. Pine needle tea has been shown to help disinfect the mouth and throat, as well as help with overall lung health.
  6. Breathe deeply! Infuse your bloodstream with lots of oxygen so your cells are able to work at their maximum capacity.
  7. Eating spinach will add folic acid to your body, which helps make the taste of tobacco repulsive.
  8. Eating broccoli helps provide your body with vitamins B5 and C, which help your lungs repair.
  9. Oranges are also high in vitamin C, which is a vital vitamin that many smokers are deficient in.
  10. Carrot juice also helps remove nicotine by giving your body plenty of vitamin A, B, C, and K. Nicotine also damages your skin, which these vitamins will help repair.

Image credit: Philippa Willitts, Flickr

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