7 Ways Shaolin Monks Stay Young Forever

7 Ways Shaolin Monks Stay Young Forever

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If you are curious of the ways of the Shaolin monks and their extreme discipline/understanding of the world around them, then this article can help you learn a thing or two about the Shaolin monk way to staying young forever. These have been translated from what is considered to be a Shaolin Classic. Written by another monk who was attuned to their martial arts and was also a pretty amazing scholar. His words of wisdom on how to stay young and healthy.

1. Take Your Time

When you are doing something, be sure to take your time and to never rush things.  It’s better to go at a pace that you are comfortable with.

2. Never Eat Too Much

Be sure to never over indulge yourself with food. When you begin to feel peckish then eat a little to restore your hunger to a satisfying state.

3. Control Your Anger

When you get angry be sure to have self control over this anger. This can ultimately damage your live and intestines.

4. Pace Yourself

When you begin your work be sure to work for only 40 minutes and then stop yourself for 10 minutes. When you find yourself staring at something all the time every single day, it can damage your internals organs, your eyes, and your overall peace with the world around you.

5. Control Your Happiness

When you feel your happiness arise, be sure that you are able to control and manage that happiness. If you lose control of that happiness then you risk damaging your lung energy.

6. Mindless Chatter

Make sure that you are very limited in your speech. Most people decide either to talk or to do. It is always better to do instead of talk.

7. Don’t Overthink Things

Do not take time to overthink certain situations. Thinking requires energy. If you think too much, you can sap yourself almost entirely of all energy.

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