1. Orgasms keep you young.

Forget plastic surgery. According to Dr. David Weeks, a clinical psychologist and former head of age psychology at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital, middle aged men and women who reported having sex regularly were 50% more likely to appear younger than their counterparts who did not have sex.

2. Orgasms stimulate your brain.

Sex gets the blood flowing, that's for sure, and that includes to your brain. Last August, researchers at Rutgers asked female subjects to masturbate while in an MRI machine to measure the flow of blood.

They found when the women achieved orgasm, blood flow to the brain increased, allowing more nutrients and oxygen to reach the brain.

3. Orgasms help you live longer.

Back in 1997, researchers in the United Kingdom decided to examine the relationship between orgasms and mortality.

They studied 918 men between the ages of 45 and 59 and found that those who died from heart disease had dramatically fewer orgasms than those who didn't. Sexual activity, they found, has a direct impact on men's health.

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