Warning! Chinese Companies Caught Producing Fake Plastic Rice

Warning! Chinese Companies Caught Producing Fake Plastic Rice

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China has been routinely caught producing fake plastic rice for years now. Sometimes the rice is also made from potatoes to mimic rice. These fake rice grains look exactly like rice but remain hard after cooking. They’ve been trying to sneak in their fake rice to cut costs for years now and most American consumers are none the wiser.

An undercover journalist with the Blue Ocean Network, a popular English channel in China, exposed Wuchang rice in China for being mostly fake.

In each bag, a small amount of real rice is mixed in with the fake rice, sprayed with a fragrance to mimic the smell of rice, then packaged and shipped all over China. He uncovered that, of the 10 million tons of rice Wuchang produced every year, about 9 million isn’t even actual rice.

Even more disgusting, eating three bowls of this rice was found to be equal to consuming an entire plastic bag, which is dangerous for your health and terrible for your digestive system. It could potential be fatal.

This is especially problematic when you consider that the average Chinese citizen consumes a half a pound of rice every day. Selling fake rice is very profitable, as the Korean Times reports, and it’s on shelves all over the world.

This synthetic product has been uncovered in India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, and the Philippines is also investigating reports of plastic rice. So far, the rice has not been detected in the United States, but given China’s track record, how long do you think it will take before it is?

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