Egg Shells Belong In Your Garden, Not The Trash. Here’s Why

Egg Shells Belong In Your Garden, Not The Trash. Here’s Why

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After making your morning omelette, what do you do with the egg shells? Do you usually just throw them away? It turns out, egg shells have tons of uses in the home and garden. After reading this, you’ll be saving those egg shells.

Pest control.

If your garden is a haven for pests, sprinkle in some crushed up egg shells. The sharp edges deter snails and slugs, as well as other pests.

Seed starts.

Egg shells are good for seeds. They fertilize the soil, helping your little seeds get started. You an also fill half-shells with soil and plant your seeds in them. When the time comes, just plant the whole eggshell in the dirt. The seedling will use the nutrients from the shell to grow strong.

Bird food.

Egg laying is hard on birds. It drains them of calcium. Egg shells help replenish calcium. If you have a popular bird feeding spot or have a bird feeder, add some crushed up egg shells to help them keep up their calcium levels.

Deer repellent.

If you hae trouble with deer visiting your garden, scatter eggshells around the plants they eat the most. They hate the smell of albumin in raw eggs and will stay away. Some rodents like that smell though, so be careful.

Image credit: Personal Creations, Flickr

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