Michigan Couple Arrested For Keeping Chickens On Their Property

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    Big ag would love it if we could be bullied into conceding our right to produce our food to them, wouldn’t they? Sadly, a Michigan couple became a victim of that bullying after the city of Tawas, Michigan issued an arrest warrant against them for having chickens on land they owned.

    “Never been to jail, never been booked. I felt so humiliated,” Theresa Hurst said. “We were not granted due process. We needed an explanation about why we couldn’t keep chickens.”

    Hurst and her husband decided to grow their own chickens because they wanted to exercise some control over where their food came from. In June, she received a letter telling her that they had to get rid of the chickens within 14 days. They attempted to appeal to the city council but received no explanation, and when the 14 days were up, the Hursts were arrested.

    She admits the potential that they could be in trouble for not removing the chickens within that two week period, but she never thought they would be arrested and humiliated for it.

    “We removed the chickens because we were skeptical about what tricks they’d pull next. We can’t afford to post more bail,” she said.

    Ultimately, their community rallied around them and their rights. Check out the video below for the full story:

    Photo credit: Jen Zajac, Flickr

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