Although hormone based methods of birth control are safe, effective, and in some cases have positive health benefits, they don't work the same for every woman. In some cases these methods have caused mood swings, decrease in sex drive, or just make you feel generally awful. So if you'd avoid rather those methods, but want to keep birth control in your life, there are plenty of hormone free options. Here are some solutions that you may want to try...

1. A little silicone cup.

You can visit your doctor or clinic and get a properly fitted cervical cap. This is used along with spermicide cream or jelly, and should be put in no earlier than 6 hours before sex, and hat to be left in for at least 8 hours after the act. A plus to this is that it is already inserted, so you can get straight to business, but a drawback is that it can't be used on your period.

2. Don't wait too long.

Another method that you could try is called pulling out, which is when the man removes his penis in order to ejaculate outside of your vagina, rather than inside. It is a very simple and easy method, but if your man waits too long too pull out it may not be the safest method. There is a 30% risk of getting pregnant if this tactic is done incorrectly.

3. Try a sponge.

There are soft round sponges filled with spermicide, that is easily inserted into your vagina before sex, and covers the cervix. This way is more effective and has a better chance of preventing pregnancy if you have never given birth in the past. Additionally, it does not need to be fitted by a doctor, and can be left in for up to 30 hours after intercourse, however it may be difficult to remove.